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Ethiopia 2007

  • Dust

    Dust devil at fantale (.mov 10Mb)

  • IMG_001.jpg

    Marco Bonini (left), Giacomo Corti (centre) and Federico Sani (right)..

  • IMG_002.jpg

    Stop at Bekele Mola restaurant in Shashamene..

  • IMG_003.jpg

    Piero Manetti looking at the geological map of Ethiopia..

  • IMG_004.jpg

    Crossing Soddo..

  • IMG_005.jpg

    Ethiopian guys near Soddo..

  • IMG_006.jpg

    On the way to Lake Abaya..

  • IMG_007.jpg

    Ethiopian girl near Lake Abaya..

  • IMG_008.jpg

    Columnar basalts near Lake Abaya..

  • IMG_009.jpg

    Marco Bonini (left), Federico Sani (centre) and Giacomo Corti (right) discussing in Arba Minch..

  • IMG_010.jpg

    Analysing a fault near Lake Abaya..

  • IMG_011.jpg

    Zebra in the Nechisar National Park..

  • IMG_012.jpg

    Dinner in Arba Minch. From left to right: Federico Sani, Marco Bonini, Andrea Agostini (not exactly enjoying Ethiopian food), Giacomo Corti and Piero Manetti..

  • IMG_013.jpg

    Leaving Arba Minch at dawn (Federico Sani, left, and Antonio Zeoli, rigth)..

  • IMG_014.jpg

    Marco Bonini and the 4-wheel car..

  • IMG_015.jpg

    Man south of Konso..

  • IMG_016.jpg

    Together with local people, south of Konso..

  • IMG_017.jpg

    On the road to Yabelo..

  • IMG_018.jpg

    Close to the Aluto volcano. From left to right: Giacomo Corti, Antonio Zeoli, Federico Sani, Marco Bonini..

  • IMG_019.jpg

    Moving towards a fault close to Shashamene..

  • IMG_020.jpg

    Giacomo Corti analysing small faults and fractures on the road to Fonko..

  • IMG_021.jpg

    Giacomo Corti and Piero Manetti crossing a river close to Hosaina..

  • IMG_022.jpg

    Marco Bonini analysing striae on a fault plane..

  • IMG_023.jpg

    Analysing a fault plane close to Lake Langano. Andea Agostini in the foreground, Marco Bonini in the background..

  • IMG_024.jpg

    Analysing a fault close to Lake Langano..

  • IMG_025.jpg

    Problems with the car, close to Lake Langano..

  • IMG_026.jpg

    Stop at the hot springs of Lake Langano. From left to right: Marco Benvenuti, Angelo (Achille) Minissale, Marco Bonini, Giacomo Corti, Andrea Agostini..

  • IMG_027.jpg

    Group standing in front of the Asela fault ascarpment. From left to right: Federico Sani, Giacomo Corti, Marco Bonini, Andrea Agostini..

  • IMG_028.jpg

    Giacomo Corti analysing striae on a fault plane west of Asela..

  • IMG_029.jpg

    Cinder cone close to the Kone caldera..

  • IMG_030.jpg

    Awash station..

  • IMG_031.jpg

    Marco Bonini with a big turtle..

  • IMG_032.jpg

    Volcanic fissures at the Fantale volcano..

  • IMG_033.jpg

    Andrea Agostini standing on a volcanic fissure at the Fantale volcano (Giacomo Corti and the volcano in the background)..

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