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Google Earth tours and places to see

Explore some of the rift´s features with Google Earth. Try the virtual tours of the Boset-Kone volcanic systems, the Asela-Gedemsa volcano-tectonic system, the Langano-Asela fault system and the Chow Bahir basin.

Some rift-related interesting places to see


chew Bahir
along the rift axis

Google maps view of the rift system

Fantale volcano (8°55', 39°54')

Kone caldera (8°50', 39°43')

Asela fault system (8°02', 39°06')

Surroundings of the Gedemsa caldera (8°17', 39°9')

Maar lakes in Debre Zeyt (8°45', 38°59')

Lake Langano and Aluto volcano (7°43', 38°48')

Lake Abaya and the Bridge of God (6°00', 37°35')


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Dr. Giacomo Corti, National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources
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