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Giacomo Corti

Giacomo Corti received a degree in Geology at the University of Florence (1997) and a Ph.D. in Mineralogy and Petrology at the University of Pisa (2003). His Ph.D. thesis focused on analogue modelling of continental extension with special reference to the relations between the patterns of deformation and the presence of magma. His research currently focuses on continental extensional tectonics, with special interest on the evolution of the East African Rift System; this research integrates field geological-structural studies, analogue modelling and geophysical data. His scientific interests also include the analogue modelling of deformation processes at various scales, including continental collision, strike-slip deformation, multiphase deformation, magma emplacement, geomorphic processes (e.g., ice flow dynamics). He is also involved or has been involved in projects analyzing the evolution of the Gulf of California (Mexico), evolution of the Baikal Rift (Russia), active tectonics in the Northern Apennines, the processes of ice flow and meteorite accumulation in the Antarctic ice, the Quaternary magmatism of the Tuscan Magmatic Province and the tectonics of Central America (El Salvador).

He is currently involved in many international cooperations with experimental modelling laboratories and other scientific institutions worldwide. He is the author or co-author of 60 peer-reviewed international publications, 3 geological maps, 5 national publications and more than 100 presentations at international or national congresses. He is the author of the divulgative book "Geologia e paesaggi della rift valley in Etiopia (Geology and landscapes of the Ethiopian Rift Valley)" (Pacini Editore, Pisa, 2012). He has been an invited speaker at both international (EGU Vienna, Riftlink Neustadt-Germany) and national congresses (SIMP, FIST). He is a Reviewer Editor for Frontiers in Earth Science and is a Reviewer for international Journals (including: Nature Geoscience, Geology, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research, Tectonics, GCubed, Geophysical Journal International, Tectonophysics, Journal of Structural Geology, Geological Society of London Special Publications, etc.) and has acted a reviewer for projects of foreign research institutes (such as: National Science Foundation, USA; American Chemical Society, USA; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada; National Center for Scientific Research, France; Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland). He is Guest Editor of Tectonphysics for the special volume “Quantitative modelling of geological processes” (2010) and of the Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica e Applicata, 49, 2 supplement (extended abstract of Geomod2008). He is the main organizer of GeoMod2008, the Third International Geological Modelling congress held in Florence on 21-26 Sept 2008, and has been convenor at both national and international congresses (EGU Vienna, Congress of the Italian Geological Society).

He is a contract Professor at the University of Florence (class: Models of Structural Associations; Laurea Magistrale in Scienze e Tecnologie Geologiche)

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List of recent publications (2014-2007):

Del Ventisette C., Gigli G., Bonini M., Corti G., Montanari M., Santoro S., Sani F., Fanti R., Casagli N. (2014). Insights from analogue modelling into the factors triggering the Vaiont landslide. Geomorphology, in press.

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