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Selected recent scientific publications on the Main Rift Ethiopian Rift by the CNR-IGG/University of Florence research team (email me to request a pdf)

Philippon M., Corti G., Sani F., Bonini M., Balestrieri M.L., Molin P., Willingshofer E., Sokoutis D., Cloetingh S. (2014). Evolution, distribution and characteristics of rifting in southern Ethiopia. Tectonics, 33, 485-508, doi:10.1002/2013TC003430.

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Other papers on continental rifting

Isola I., Mazzarini F., Corti G., Bonini M. (2014). Spatial variability of volcanic features in early-stage rift settings: the case of the Tanzania divergence, East African rift system. Terra Nova, in press.

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