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Ethiopia 2009 February

  • IMGP0800

    Buying the food for lunch.

  • IMGP0993

    Faulted volcano close to Gedemsa.

  • IMGP1003

    Marco Bonini analysing a dyke close to Gedemsa.

  • IMGP1029

    Normal fault between Gedemsa and Lake Ziway.

  • IMGP1032

    Normal faults, with volcano in the background.

  • IMGP1105

    Marco Bonini (left) and Giacomo Corti (right) at Sire.

  • IMGP1118

    Normal fault close to Sire.

  • IMGP1155

    Andrea Agostini (left), Giacomo Corti (centre) and Marco Bonini (right) analysing a normal fault plane close to Sire.

  • IMGP1250

    Marco Bonini (left), Federico Sani (centre) and Giacomo Corti (right) at the Kone caldera.

  • IMGP1267

    Panorama of the small caldera at Kone.

  • IMGP1330

    Marco Bonini drinking close to Fantale.

  • IMGP1370

    Normal fault and dust devils close to Fantale.

  • IMGP1399

    Small cone close to Fantale (in the background).

  • IMGP1400

    The group close to Fantale. From left to right: Giacomo Corti, Marco Bonini, Andrea Agostini, Federico Sani.

  • IMGP1425

    Lunch close to Fantale.

  • IMGP1436

    Fantale volcano.

  • IMGP1448

    A camel.

  • IMGP1478

    Andrea Agostini (left) and Marco Bonini (right) analysing a normal fault plane.

  • IMGP1515

    Aluto volcano and lake Langano.

  • IMGP1624

    Andrea Agostini analysing a system of small normal faults.

  • IMGP1690

    Federico Sani (left), Marco Bonini (centre) and Giacomo Corti (right) on top of the Fonko escarpment.

  • IMGP1700

    Beautiful landscape on top of the Fonko escarpment.

  • IMGP1805

    Close to the Bilate river.

  • IMGP1886

    Giacomo Corti analysing a normal fault close to Hosaina.

  • IMGP1956

    Cinder cones close to Butajira.

  • IMGP1972

    The Guraghe escarpment from Butajira.

  • IMGP1987

    The Addis Ababa-Debre Marcos road.

  • IMGP2000

    Hairpin turns on the road to the Blue Nile bridge.

  • IMGP2025

    Light, shadows and the Blue Nile.

  • IMGP2040

    The Blue Nile bridge.

  • IMGP2130

    The Debre Lybanos church.

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