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Ethiopia 2009 November

  • IMGP2712

    Problems with the 4-wheel car.

  • IMGP2730

    Federico Sani and Giacomo Corti.

  • IMGP2751

    Andrea Agostini taking a picture of a baboon in Langano.

  • IMGP2806

    Lunch time close to Langano.

  • IMGP2855

    Sunset close to Langano.

  • IMGP2866

    Bekele Mola fault, Langano.

  • IMGP2922

    Waterfall on a fault scarp, Langano.

  • IMGP2949

    Market in Karchele (or something like this)

  • IMGP3027

    Lakes and Langano and Abiyata from the Langano escarpment

  • IMGP3030

    After the sunset on the plateau close to Asela.

  • IMGP3031

    Andrea Agostini (left) and Giacomo Corti (right) on top of the Langano escarpment

  • IMGP3033

    Andrea Agostini (left) andFederico Sani (right) on top of the Langano escarpment

  • IMGP3050

    Rain in the forest

  • IMGP3112

    Analysing a fault

  • IMGP3151

    Looking the rift from the Golja fault escarpment

  • IMGP3198

    The Golja fault

  • IMGP3248

    Fault plane on the Golja fault

  • IMGP3249

    Signature on the fault plane

  • IMGP3259

    Team members at the Derartu Tulu Hotel in Asela. From left to right: Solomon (the driver), Andrea Agostini, Tsegaye Abebe, Federico Sani, Giacomo Corti

For more information please contact:
Dr. Giacomo Corti, National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources
Via G. La Pira, 4, 50121 Firenze, Italia - Email: | Telephone: +390552757524