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Ethiopia November - December 2010

  • Analysing faults near Arba Minch

    Federico Sani and Samuele Agostini analysing faults near Arba Minch .

  • Ethiopian sunrise

    Beautiful Ethiopian sunrise, photo by Tsegaye Abebe.

  • Fault plane in a quarry near Awasa

    Federico Sani (with Melese Tade) analysing a fault plane in a quarry near Awasa


    Hot springs close to lake abaya, south of soddo

  • Obsidian flow near Soddo

    Huge obsidian flow south of Soddo.

  • South of Soddo

    Problems with the car South of Soddo

  • Sampling south of Konso

    Tsegaye Abebe, Federico Sani and Melese Tade collecting a sample south of Konso

  • Beautiful sample

    Samuele Agostini looking at a sample.

  • Somalian plateau

    The Somalian plateau west of the Bale mountains

  • South of Konso

    Stop to look at maps, south of Konso

  • Sunrise on Lake Abaya

    6,30 am, Sunrise on Lake Abaya.

  • Zebras in Nechsar

    Zebras in the Nechsar plains


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