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Ethiopia FEB 2016

  • breakfast in awasa

  • between dilo and megado

  • analysing the dilo maar

  • the dilo maar

  • the team (Federico, asfaw, giacomo) at the dilo maar

  • towards dilo

  • another maar close to dilo

  • south of dilo

  • fault between dilo and megado

  • the megado maar

  • federico on a recent lava flow close to megado

  • recent lava flow close to megado

  • lunch time in the megado plain

  • another picture of the lunch in the megado plain

  • in the dilo plain

  • federico and asfaw looking for faults

  • gazelle close to el sod

  • another gazelle close to el sod

  • El sod

  • the team (Federico, giacomo, asfaw) at the el sod maar

  • the somalian plateau south of asela

  • fault close to asela

  • Fault close to asela - panorama

  • analysis of a fault plane

  • federico taking pictures of faults close to asela

  • the golja fault

  • beautiful normal fault

  • the abandoned valley of the katar river

  • the shetemata swamp

  • towards asela

  • federico on the fault plane

  • with derek keir in ziway

For more information please contact:
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