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volcanoes of the Ethiopian rift valley

  • Fantale (Background) and a small cone

  • Fantale (eruptive fissure in the foreground)

  • the big caldera at kone

  • The small caldera at kone

  • scoria cone and lava, kone

  • Boseti

  • yerer

  • the green lake, debre zeyit

  • BIShoftu (debre zeyit)

  • Zikwala

  • the rim of the gedemsa caldera

  • small volcanic edifices and faults close to gedemsa


  • chilalo and the northern part of the galama range

  • Bericha

  • Bora

  • wenchi

  • aluto

  • tulu dimtu, bale mts

  • hara sheitan, silti-butajira field

  • corbetti

  • budamada, bilate river field

  • tido, bilate river field

  • bode ameda, bilate river field

  • small crater, doguna volcano

  • tuff ring, doguna volcano

  • damota volcano, soddo

  • chiracha caldera

  • salewa dore, soddo

  • faulted cone, soddo

  • bridge of god, arba minch


  • EL SOD


  • MAAR south of DILO

  • cone, megadO

  • NOTE: volcanoes of Afar (e.g., Erta Ale) are not included in this gallery, as they belong to a geologically different sector of the East African Rift
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